PSYCHIATRY: a documentary



Christopher Barley MD
Internal Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College

Ken Duckworth, MD
Professor, Harvard Medical School
Executive Director, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Robert Filewich, PhD
Director, Center for Behavior Therapy

Mitchell Katz, MD
Director, Department of Health Services
County of Los Angeles

Aaron Kennard
Executive Director, National Sheriffs Association

Jeffrey A Lieberman, MD
Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University
President, American Psychiatric Association (2013-14)

Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor, California

Herbert Pardes, MD
Former CEO and President
Cornell and Columbia Medial Centers
Former Director, National Institute for Mental Health

Bruce Roseman, MD
Family Medicine & Community Health
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

E. Fuller Torrey, MD
Founder, Treatment Advocacy Center Author of “American Psychosis: How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Health Treatment System”

Zev Yaroslavsky
Former Supervisor, Los Angeles County

What can you do to help reveal and remedy an illness that one in four American families struggle with in silence and shame?

To document the needs of the severely mentally ill, I have been filming consenting staff and patients at the Los Angeles County Psychiatric Emergency Room for two years, and then following those patients after they leave the ER and live in the community. The goal of the film is to educate the public as well as mental health and medical professionals about the plight of individuals requiring mental health treatment, and the great need for adequate resources, biomedical research, housing and community supports.

A Premium Cable Network has already provided two thirds of the entire budget in support in exchange for the option for North America television rights, and we are seeking $100,000 in additional shooting and rough editing costs. During the last phase of filming, we will film the subjects and build up the political and social narrative that is a ‘call to action.’ In the spring, we will edit a “rough cut” in order to be eligible for festivals and awards in 2016.

Donations will only be used for essential film photography, editing and film crew travel costs, and absolutely no monies from these donations will be used to pay for office expenses, consultants, producer, director or supervisory fees, all of which are being donated by the participants.

We are seeking donations for us to quickly realize our goal and complete the rough cut of the film in time for festival deadlines. Your donations are given through the tax-deductible 501-c-3, the International Documentary Association, which supervises the budget. For larger donations, $20,000 and above, your foundation will be listed as a major funder of the project.

Thank you,


Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD


Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD

After his residency and fellowship at Cornell Medical College, Dr. Rosenberg collaborated with local branches of the American Psychiatric Association and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill to produce an Emmy-Award winning film about the utility of psychiatric treatment and the need for more resources. He then produced and directed three films for HBO on mental health and addiction, and executive produced a two-and-a-half hour special for HBO on cancer in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dr. Rosenberg’s films have been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the New York Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (National Emmy Nominations and local Emmy Awards), the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Christopher Award and Peabody Awards among other honors. These films have been distributed to colleges, libraries, high schools, and medical and nursing schools throughout the world to foster understanding and promote positive solutions.

For information about our past films, with clips and reviews from the New York Times, etc., head to Upper East Films.